Types of Accidents That Could Lead to Submission of Personal Injury Claim

Someone’s negligence could cause an accident, one that inflicted harm on someone else. The injured victim would have the right to file a personal injury claim.

Claims covered by car insurance

• Car accidents
• Trucking accidents
• Collisions between automobile and commercial vehicle
• Situation where pedestrian was hit by a motored vehicle

Claims covered by homeowner’s insurance

• Any injury caused by a home fire
• Loss of access to an at-home treatment, as caused by a fire
• Injuries caused by a slip and fall incident
• Injury caused by a dog bite, if the owner of the pet dog lived in the insured home

Claims covered by business insurance

• Slip and fall incident reported by a customer
• Worker’s compensation, following accident on site of business
• Injury to consumer, when it was caused by product that was made or sold by the insured business
• Injury to consumer, when caused by problem with design of product, or oversight on part of the marketers of same product.

Claims covered by medical malpractice insurance

Situation where administered treatment was below the medical standard, and the treated patient was harmed.

Situation where doctor has failed to perform an important test, and has therefore failed to provide the patient with a proper diagnosis.

Situation where doctor has performed an operation or other intrusive procedure without first gaining the patient’s consent.

Situation where a testing service has provided an incorrect result, and that has resulted in the patient’s need to deal with an unexpected medical condition. That could be the case, if an amniocentesis lab were to say that a pregnant woman’s baby was normal, but then the same infant was born with a severe defect, such as Down’s syndrome.

Could apply to situation where a hospital has failed to provide a patient with an acceptable level of care, and the patient has suffered a new medical problem, or has experienced the worsening of an old one.

Does not apply to any situation in which a treatment failed to provide the patient with the desired result.

Personal injury lawyer in Markham knows that it does not apply to situation in which a patient failed to follow the doctor’s orders and then suffered an injury. For instance, it would not apply to case where a woman received cosmetic surgery and then did not take the proper precautions, and thus sustained an infection or other medical problem.

Injuries not covered by insurance

Injuries caused by an intentional act. The injured victim has the right to sue the person that has acted irresponsibly. That means taking that same person to court. If the courtroom trial were to result in a decision that was in favor of the injured party, then the defendant (the responsible party) would have to pay the ordered judgment.

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