Will It Take Long To Settle The Injury Claim?

The process of settling a personal injury claim can take months or even years. The exact timeline depends on several factors, including:

The Case Involves “Big Money”

If the case involves a large settlement, it can take longer to resolve. The more money involved in a personal injury claim, the more complicated that case will be. In addition, there are often appeals and disputes about who should get what from who when multiple parties are involved.

Problematic Issue With the Case

● The case is complex.
● The defendant has a lot of money.
● The defendant is fighting the case.
● The defendant is a large corporation or organization, or both.

You Have Not Reached Maximum Medical Improvement

You may be wondering if your injury has reached maximum medical improvement, as per personal injury lawyer in Markham. If you’re suffering from a serious injury or illness that requires long-term care, it’s important to keep in mind that you may not be ready to settle your personal injury case just yet.

In order to determine whether or not your injuries have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), doctors will need more time before they can determine whether or not surgery is necessary. Your doctor might also recommend additional treatment such as physical therapy or pain medication during this waiting period before entering into settlement discussions with your insurance company and/or attorney representing them at trial (if applicable).

Settling For Short Money

If you’re settling for less than you deserve, it’s important to know that your attorney might be representing the insurance company and not you. In this case, he or she will want to protect his or her client by settling for as little money as possible.

If your injuries were severe enough that they could have prevented long-lasting damage or disability, then it may be worth going through with a trial and fighting for what is fair compensation after all is said and done—but not everyone thinks so! There are many people who think they should settle their personal injury claim just because they don’t want their health issues (or other costs) getting worse while waiting on court dates that could take months or years before being resolved properly.

This can lead them down an expensive road where they end up having attorneys working on both sides of the case instead of just one side; which means spending more money overall than if everything had been handled efficiently from start-to-finish instead!

Personal injury cases can take years to resolve.

Though you may feel like your legal case is moving along quickly, personal injury cases can take years to resolve. In fact, many personal injury claims are still in the discovery phase after three years or more.

The reason why these cases tend to drag on so long is that they involve complex medical issues and extensive investigations by medical professionals who have no stake in the outcome of their findings. It also takes time for parties involved to gather all relevant evidence before filing a claim with their insurer; this involves collecting testimony from patients at hospitals and doctors’ offices as well as reviewing case histories from previous injuries or accidents involving similar circumstances (e.g., car accidents).

You should also keep in mind that most insurance companies want to make sure there’s enough evidence supporting your claim before paying out any money; if it looks as though someone else might have caused the accident then they’ll probably fight harder than usual because of this risk factor.

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