There could be many reasons why a pedestrian was struck by a car, such as driver negligence, poor weather and road conditions among others. Motor vehicle accidents are a very common cause of personal injury in Ontario, but when the accidents involve pedestrians the severity of the injuries that are sustained by the victims is dramatically increased. When a car collides with a person, the injuries can include bruising, broken bones, head trauma resulting in brain injuries.

Pedestrian accident victims typically have to undergo lengthy and costly rehabilitation in order to get back to their normal lives. Unfortunately, in some cases involving spinal cord and brain injuries, the victims’ lives are changed forever and they have to adapt to living with their condition. Medical bills, out of pocket expenses and lost wages put undue stress on victims and their families. Caring for an injured person can be quite costly especially if the victim suffered a life altering injury and requires modifications to the home.

Pedestrian accidents are governed by the same law as car accidents with one major difference. There is something called a reverse onus that applies to the at-fault party, which means that the at-fault party is responsible for proving their innocence. This allows the victims of pedestrian accidents get much higher compensation for the injuries they sustained.

Victims of pedestrian accidents and their families are not only affected emotionally but financially as well. The personal injury lawyers of MA Injury Law have been helping the victims of pedestrian accidents and their families obtain much needed compensation and relief from the stresses associated with the accident. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for pedestrians that were struck by motor vehicles all over Ontario and having our legal team in your corner can make all the difference. Contact MA Injury Law for a free consultation and get the compensation that you deserve.


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