MA Injury Law is devoted to ensuring the victims of personal injury have access to the financial compensation they deserve. Markham personal injury lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience, have represented victims of personal injury at every level of court in the province, and have never backed down from a legal fight.

Markham personal injury lawyers have provided much needed help to victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, public transportation accidents, dog bites, product liability claims, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, and long-term disability. The lawyers at MA Injury Law are regarded as professionals when it comes to specific injuries such as traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, orthopaedic injuries, and injuries caused by psychological trauma and chronic pain.

MA Injury Law is 100% dedicated to the practice of personal injury law and channels all of our resources towards that area of law. Combining this with our proven track record of success makes us the professionals that other lawyers often rely on when dealing with complicated cases.

Ensuring that our clients receive outstanding service and results, Markham personal injury lawyers make hospital and home visits as well as work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay until we win.

If you or a loved one was injured, don’t suffer in silence. Contact MA Injury Law for a free consultation, and let us level the playing field. We will protect your rights and ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to and deserve.

MA Injury Law is dedicated to providing legal representation to personal injury victims. With years of experience, we understand the nuances of law and know that for victims of personal injury, time is of essence. We have represented victims of personal injury at all levels of the courts and have a successful record of winning cases. To simplify the complex legal procedures, we ensure that only after your settlement is adjusted, we submit our accounts or work on a contingency basis. This ensures that you never have to worry about our fees, while the case is being represented. Only a few law services offer such flexibility, but we do it because we care about our clients.


We are the professionals when it comes to personal injury cases leading from partial to full disability. Our experienced team of Injury Lawyers in Markham, maintain strong communication with clients as well as their doctors to ensure all bases are covered before we begin the legal process. We are proficient in the following Personal Injury areas:

   Motorcycle/car accidents
   Bicycle accident
   Dog bite
   Slip and fall accidents
   Skiing/Boating accidents
   Medical malpractice
   Disability claims
   Aircraft accidents
   Product fault and liability

We offer hospital and home visits and will come to you wherever you are. It is our aim to offer comprehensive legal solutions to anyone that is injured and is completely affordable. Additionally, we can legally represent you if any of these accidents, results in:

   Whiplash injury
   Brain/spinal cord injury
   Wrongful death
   Personal injuries including orthopedic
   Long Term Disability Benefit Claims


When you or a loved one has been injured, legal issues aren’t on your mind. But it isn’t easy dealing with insurance and legal issues that come up when you have been involved in an accident or suffered personal injuries due to negligence. To offer aid and assistance, we work with local doctors and health care professionals to work with you through the recovery and rehabilitation process.
Call us for a no-obligation consultation with the professional personal injury lawyers in Markham. We are qualified in personal injury law and with our successful track record, makes us one of the professionals that other lawyers depend on when there are complex injury cases. If you or a loved one has suffered minor or debilitating injuries, don’t delay justice. We are right here to protect your rights and ensure that you get compensated as you deserve, for your personal injuries. It is important to file for compensation as quickly as possible as there are complex legal requirements that need to be fulfilled within strict time limits. As there aren’t any legal fees before we win your case, you can relax that you are in the competent hands of a professional personal injury lawyer in Markham.


Whether it is a whiplash injury, brain injury, or have had a nasty slip and fall injury that has rendered you immobile and in the hospital, the trauma isn’t just physical, but includes the mental stress and financial loss that you endure due to mounting medical bills and loss of employment on a temporary or permanent basis, due to the injuries. This is precisely the reason that you need to know more about your rights and discuss with an experienced injury lawyer in Markham. We have the skills, legal knowledge and the qualified credentials to take up challenging cases and yet succeed. Contact us as we offer our services all through Markham and cities within Ontario and let us represent your case and get you the justice you deserve. Speak with one of our professional lawyers today.


Brandon MasonBrandon Mason
15:23 02 Mar 23
I was involved in a hit and run accident and didn't know what to do. MA Personal Law Firm helped me get the justice I deserved. They fought for my rights and were very dedicated and helpful.
Elmer NollElmer Noll
16:09 26 Jul 19
The team of MA Personal Injury Lawyer provided me with such comfort after my accident. They went beyond anything I would have expected from just a law firm. They treat you like family and have your best interest at heart. Don't look further they are the best at what they do.
Manuel PoManuel Po
17:07 18 Mar 19
These guys are the best. They did all the work and kept me informed every step of the way. What they estimated for a settlement was on target and yet they were able at the last minute to add more money. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for professional personal injury lawyer’s help!
18:43 09 Jun 17
Almost a year ago, I was rear-ended while at an intersection. We had heard good things about this law firm, so we called them up the next day. Throughout the time they handled our case they were happy to answer all of our questions, and they worked with us to get a great settlement for our case. They really knew their stuff!! Would totally recommend.
joshua grabiecjoshua grabiec
18:54 02 Oct 15
The Lawyers and Staff at Bergman Law place the integrity of their profession and the interests of clients above their own interests. Not only are they highly competent and efficient in their work with their clients, but also they are respectful of Individuality ... basically they treat you as a person not just another file. Definitely a firm you can trust ! 🙂
01:07 13 Aug 15
The team at Bergman Law helped out my sister after a car accident. They quickly arranged physiotherapy for her. She got all the treatment she needed. They also set her up with a psychologist who helped with her anxiety. The settlement was twice of what the insurance offered at the beginning. They treated us like their own family.




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