Canadians enjoy a great variety of consumer goods available to them without realizing that some of these products are potentially dangerous and can cause serious injury and even death. Due to the growth of the global marketplace, products from all over the world appear at Canadian stores that may not necessarily meet Canadian safety and quality control standards.

Often, stories of hazardous products being sold make the news. Products such as car seats and strollers that can seriously injure or kill a child or products containing lead paint finding their way onto Canadian shelves. Everything from toys, electronics, power tools, extension cords, lighting, and countless other products can pose risks of injury through poisoning, fire, or electrocution.

If you or a loved one was injured as a result of using a hazardous or dangerous product, contact MA Injury Law for a free consultation. We have the experience and knowledge required to identify the guilty party and pursue a successful claim that can result in substantial amounts of compensation for you and your family. MA Injury Law has proven itself time and time again as a leader in fighting for victims of consumer goods injuries. Contact MA Injury Law, and protect your rights; leave the rest to us.


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